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Discover the exact foods I ate to lose 25 pounds without exercise after having my second baby. 
Hi there! My name is Laura Sales. I'm a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and the Founder of 3X Weight Loss For Women. 

When I was trying to lose weight after having my kids, I was very frustrated with all the random, confusing, unorganized pieces of information out there about what to eat to lose weight. Every diet contradicted the next and I felt so confused with not knowing what to do every day. Everywhere I looked just told me to eat a balanced diet, or eat less calories than I burned or to stay away from certain foods and only eat other foods, everything in moderation, or the worst – “Lose weight without giving up your favorite foods.”

If I had a bad day and cheated on the diet then I felt like a failure and would completely give up. From there it was on to the next tip, trick or gimmick. I constantly yo-yo'd and never got where I wanted to be.
I’m a busy mom of two young children and do not have time for crazy, complex diets that require doing three different phases of cleanses, detoxes, and “resets”.

I couldn’t keep up with things like measuring out my food or calculating out the ratios between carbs, fat, and protein. I also did not have time to spend hours of my day cooking in the kitchen. And honestly, I love food. I love socializing. I love going out to eat with friends and family. I wanted something that was simple but with enough flexibility so that I would never get bored with my food and could still enjoy my life.

I realized that instead of dieting all the time what I really needed was a simple list of all of the foods that would help me lose weight so that I knew exactly what to eat to get results. This way, whether I was at a restaurant, at a party, or at my own house I would know exactly what to eat to keep me on track towards reaching my goals.

I personally spent over a year perfecting this list of foods and have not only used it myself to lose 25 pounds after having my second baby, but I've helped thousands of other women lose weight using these exact foods as well.

Once you download the cheat sheet you will find a list of foods that I've hand selected that will help you burn fat FAST so that you can make quick meals without being hungry, fighting cravings, or feeling deprived!

This list of foods takes the guesswork out of what to make for each meal and gives you exactly the foods to eat that will give you weight loss results that will last.

Laura Sales
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